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July 16th 2020

Join us to be a part of the future of Software Testing!



Where QA and Development meet

OmniTestingConf brings together the ever-growing testing community to discuss the current state of the industry, leadingtrends, and the future of software testing.
Sérgio Freire, Solution Architecture Lead at Xray, will present his approach to Software Testing called: OmniTestingConf

“Testing is not just about continuously running checks, testing is always there, it is part of the whole, it encompasses different kinds of activities and involves everyone.”

These new ideas, insights and different perspectives on software testing, are presented by a set of industry experts.



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Head of Solution Architecture at Xray

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Quality Owner at OutSystems
Co-founder - Agile Testing Fellowship

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Agile Engineering Coach Guild Lead Test & Test Automation at Raiffeisen Bank International AG

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Test Automation Engineer at ZOLL Medical Corporation

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SpecFlow/BDD Coach Trainer, Test Automation Expert

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Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala

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Founder & CEO at ReTes



03:00 pm BST

Opening Session: OmniTesting

Sérgio Freire
Solution Architecture Lead at Xray

Agile is a Team Sport

Lisa Crispin
Co-founder, Agile Testing Fellowship

04:00 pm BST

10 Steps to move from DevOps to DevSecOps

Rudolf Grötz
Agile Engineering Coach Test/Testautomation, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Prepping your checklist:

Things to consider before implementing continuous testing

Sneha Viswalingam
Staff Test Automation Engineer

04:50 pm BST

Continuous Behavior – BDD in Continuous Delivery

Gáspár Nagy
Coach, trainer and BDD addict, creator of SpecFlow

Exploratory Testing Shift Left and Right - What great exploratory testing looks under conditions of TOAD (Testing, Observability and DevOps)

Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Principal Test Engineer

05:40 pm BST

How to bring AI to Testing

Jeremias Rößler,
Founder & CEO at ReTest


Closing Session

Round Table